5 Superfood Duos

food-combining-for-healthSome foods are rich in vitamins, iron and calcium, while others are rich in completely different nutrients. For maximum health care it is good to make a combination of both kinds of food.

Therefore, to double the health benefit, below, we present nutritional combining that should be consumed at least 2 times a week.

  • Green tea and lemon

In any detox drink add juice from half a lemon. This combination is great because lemon increases the action of powerful antioxidant.

  • Banana and Yogurt

Banana and yogurt combined is great remedy for pain in the muscles. This combination contains amino acids and is rich in glucose.

  •  Red pepper and dried fruit

For easier bonding, foods that are rich in iron should be eaten with foods that are rich in vitamin C.

If you want your body to absorb six times more iron, combine whole grain cereals from blueberry, cranberry, currant and raspberry.

And if you eat green vegetables, liver, artichoke or dried fruit, eat a red pepper, lemon, orange or tomato with it.

food-combining-for-health (2)

  • Salmon or tuna with broccoli

This is a powerful doping for brain and brain function, combine vitamin C and omega-3 acids.

  • Dark chocolate and apple

To protect the blood vessels, combine quercetin (from apples) with antioxidants (from dark chocolate). This great combination protects against heart disease, improve circulation and prevent the occurrence of platelets.

If you add the raspberries, black grapes, grapefruit, you get a combination that is an effective cure for cancer.


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