5 Houseplants That Prevent Insomnia (AND Purify Your Air)


If you are looking to furnish your home with plants, then we suggest you avoid buying plastic ones.

Plastic plants may be evergreen and require virtually no care, but they will not provide you with the necessary freshness your home requires.

Plants give out oxygen, which we inhale and they take in carbon-dioxide which we exhale.

This will leave your home with fresh air always.

If you have difficulty sleeping, then having a plant in your room may just be the solution you need.

The plants below will help purify the air in your home and help you sleep well.

Aloe Vera

This plant is now used in most skin care products because of its anti inflammation properties. It helps with acne, boils and in soothing scars as well as burns.

It is also an excellent plant for detoxifying the body. When put in your home it will help purify your air by attracting dangerous chemical substances in the air to itself and you may notice a discolouration (usually brown spots) to the plant indicating the presence of harmful substances in the air.


This plant produces a fragrance that is soothing to the nerves.

It is just the right type of plant you need in your bedroom to help you sleep.

As you may know this plant is used in the production of soap, shampoo and air-freshners because of its nice fragrance.

Snake plant

Now don’t be scared by the name.

The snake plant provides your home with large amounts of much needed oxygen. Having this plant in your home will increase its freshness and reduce that heavy feeling in the air which occurs when there is a shortage of oxygen.

It will help improve your level of concentration and alertness, while preventing dizziness and nausea which arise from a lack of sufficient oxygen in your home.


This plant is also well known for its great fragrance and like lavender it is used in many shampoos, soaps and air-freshners. Its soothing effects are an effective remedy for anxiety and insomnia.

Having this plant in your bedroom will help you sleep well.

Source: www.fhfn.org


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