5 Amazing Ways To Use Lemon

Unjustly are overlooked other benefits we can gain from this super food. Lemon has many roles. It is commonly consumed during the winter months as a source of vitamin C with tea and during summer for refreshing lemonade.

In this article we will present 5 incredible ways you can use lemon:

1. It cleanses the organism

A cup of hot water mixed with lemon juice, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach acts as a great detoxifier of your body. Lemon is a diuretic and discards toxins from the body and strengthens the immune system.

2. Against aging

Water in combination with lemon juice reduces the production of free radicals responsible for aging and damage to the skin. Drink water with lemon because it contains antioxidants that will help keep young appearance.

3. Keeps apples fresh

If you peel or chop apples in slices, sprinkle some lemon juice over them. Lemon juice will maintain apples fresh and will prevent them from going brownish.

4. Refresher

Lemon is perfect natural ingredient to freshen up your home. Mix lemon, rosemary and vanilla and get a perfect air freshener for your home.

5. Improves digestion process

Lemon juice has a similar structure as that of digestion in the stomach, so it has an excellent performance. Additionally, lemon juice helps in cleaning the intestines in a way that is makes the waste stuff evaporate and encourages the release of stomach juice. All this affects digestion and helps against bloating.


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