4 Minutes, 28 Days – A New Body!

You can strengthen the middle portion of your body with the planks exercise.

Get rid of the fat in your abdomen also you can strengthen your hands, legs and buttocks muscles; as well as straighten the outer and inner muscles of your back with the planks exercise.

The planks are similar to push-up exercises and your muscles will be stronger and finely tuned after engaging in it.

The target of this exercise is to regularly do it for a minimum duration of 4 Minutes each time and for 28 days and the objective is to have a thoroughly tuned up muscle.

The Planks Exercise

  • Keep upright when engaging in this exercise.
  • Raise your toes and elbows while you keep your body straight up.
  • Take deep breaths and firm up the muscles of your abdomen, head and neck by raising your buttocks muscles.
  • Spread your weight to your elbows and legs to gain balance.
  • Try this posture for 4 Minutes with each exercise.

While it may not be easy doing this exercise for 4 Minutes especially if it’s your first time.

What you can do is to gradually train your body and mind towards achieving a 4 minute per plank exercise routine over the 28 days period.

You can adopt this programme;

  • 1st day exercise for 1-20 seconds
  • 2nd day exercise for 2-20 seconds
  • 3rd day exercise for 3-30 seconds
  • 4th day exercise for 4-30 seconds
  • 5th day exercise for 5-40 seconds
  • You can rest on the 6th day
  • 7th day exercise for 7-45 seconds
  • 8th day exercise for 8-45 seconds
  • 9th day exercise for 60 seconds
  • 10th day exercise for 10-60 seconds
  • 11th day exercise for 11-60 seconds
  • 12th day exercise for 12-90 seconds
  • 13th day take a rest
  • 14th day exercise for 14-90 seconds
  • 15th day exercise for 15-90 seconds
  • 16th day exercise for 16-120 seconds
  • 17th day exercise for 17-120 seconds
  • 18th day exercise for 18-150 seconds
  • Rest on the 19th day
  • 20th day exercise for 20-150 seconds
  • 21st day exercise for 21-150 seconds
  • 22nd day exercise for 22-180 seconds
  • 23rd day exercise for 23-180 seconds
  • 24th day exercise for 24-210 seconds
  • 25th day take a break
  • 26th day exercise for 26-210 seconds
  • 27th day exercise for 27-240 seconds
  • 28th day exercise for as long as you can.

Your first 20 seconds exercise will be tough but don’t give up.

Keep at this exercise and you will be the better for it in the end.

You can also try other alternative exercises like squats or crunches to help you tune up the muscles of your abdomen, legs and buttocks so you can look and feel fit.

Source:  supertastyrecipes.com