4 Medicinal Recipes of Thyme

4 Medicinal Recipes of ThymeThyme normalizes the heart, strengthens the nerves, improves our mood and helps with insomnia. Read about what else you can use this herb…


Thyme grows mostly in sunny, dry places, forests, meadows and roads. Medicinal ingredients are found in its leaves and flowers, therefore it should be carefully picked. Leaves and flower stems of wild thyme contain essential oils including thymol, carvacrol and flavonoids that relax muscles.


How to use

Essential oil of thyme has positive effects on the cardiovascular system because it normalizes the heart, strengthens the nerves and improves our mood.

Also, this herb used as a tea has a soothing effect on the digestive organs.

Except for improving health, wild thyme is used as a spice in cooking. Finely chopped leaves are added to salads, pizzas, eggs, baked dishes, soups, sauces. It is also used for preparation of shellfish and other sea food.

Medicinal recipes

  • Against Carpal tunnel

In one liter of schnapps, add 80 grams of thyme and leave it like that for 20 days, then strain and use to massage the painful areas of the body.

  • Tea for sleep

Thyme contains easily volatile substances which should be cooked in a covered container. Tea cooked in an open pot with enough herbs in it has healing properties.

So, to make good tea take one tablespoon of thyme, pour it with 2 dl. boiling water, cover the pot and drain for half an hour. The tea can be sweetened with honey and the daily dose is 3-4 cups.

  • For healthy sinus

One tablespoon thyme put in hot water and inhale twice a day.

  • Lotion for hair

In one liter of cold water put 20 gr. rosemary, sage and thyme. Let the mixture of herbs stand for three hours in cold water and then heat it to a temperature of 80 degrees. Drain through sheer gauze and pour the liquid into a sealed container. Use this lotion once a day for gentle massage of the hair roots. The combination of these three plants destroys microbes that cause dandruff and attack the scalp.


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