4 Dangers That Cause Cancer: Get Rid Of Them Now!


Although they seem on first sight harmless, these 4 virile hazards can jeopardize your health. In our belongings there are some objects that can cause more damage and harm to health. In continuation we present you 4 of them dangerous objects which could create very serious illness, in some cases even cancer.

Check carefully this list and throw immediately these things!

  1. Air- freshener – Large number of aromatases contain carcinogenic substances. The researches show that they can only worsen the condition of existing pulmonary disease especially asthma. Replace the fresheners with essential oils. They smell fresher and are very healthy.
  2. Candles – One recent research was conducted in which was showed that 40% of candles contain harmful elements of lead. Take candles from natural wax.
  3. Art materials – Many ordinary markers contain substances that cause allergies and cancer. Materials like this which are made in China have high content of lead. So therefore, if you want your child to draw buy markers from famous brands.
  4. Shampoos – Shampoos also are on this black list because they contain many carcinogenic materials. Most of the shampoos contain toxic chemicals. That is why you should replace them with shampoo from your own production. If you do not have time for making shampoo for yourself, prefer to buy products with more natural ingredients. Be careful, if your favorite shampoo contains “sodium laureth sulfate”, “sodium laureth sulfate” or “propylene glycol”.


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