32 Signs You Immediately Need More Magnesium (and how to get it)

Magnesium deficiency or Hypomagnesia is when your body lacks it’s required dose of dietary magnesium as obtained from magnesium rich foods like dark green leafy vegetables or when your body finds it difficult to adequately absorb the magnesium from food.

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Magnesium can also be derived from nuts, fish such as mackerel, seeds and beans. You can also augment your daily requirement from food supplements.

A lack of sufficient magnesium in the body can have mild to very serious health implications.

Below are 32 symptoms of insufficient Magnesium in the body;



Liver and kidney disease

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Calcium deficiency


Difficulty with swallowing

Muscle cramps

Memory loss

Blood clots

Type 2 diabetes
Tooth decay
Heart issues

Respiratory Issues

A deficiency in Potassium can lead to irritability, feeling of extreme thirst and also fluid retention,

High blood pressure

A lack of magnesium can cause a change in personality, the person would experience mood swings, feelings of depression and anxiety.

Magnesium deficiency is also known to be responsible for Raynaud’s syndrome which causes skin color changes, cold fingers and toes as well as numbness.

Insufficient magnesium can also be responsible for infertility issues, such as getting and staying pregnant, preeclampsia, pre-mature labor and child bearing issues.

Whats the remedy to these problems? 

Well simply put -- consume magnesium rich foods as mentioned earlier (dark green leafy vegetables, mackerel, nuts, beans and seeds)

When you eat these foods regularly, your magnesium levels will be increased and maintained. You may also take food supplements if your daily intake of these foods is not sufficient.

Off-the-shelf food supplements available have fillers that have little or no nutritional value; such as diary, gluten, sugar, preservatives and wheat.

However, there are some food supplements that have sufficient amounts of daily magnesium; women’s MULTI pro has 500mgs of magnesium. This daily dosage is ideal for all women. The supplement also contains zinc, chromium, biotin, iodine and vitamins such as vitamins and B1.

Source: thehealthycentral.com

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