30 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Older

In the end, we only regret the chance we didn’t take. The beautiful thing about life is that it comes with choices and these choices come with their own uncertainties. To avoid feeling remorse later in life, you need to avoid ignoring or doings things that you will regret later in life. Once you are 70 and above, honesty is disputable, below are some testimonies of things that those in old age have confessed to feeling remorse about, these 30 things you’re likely to regret might help you make your choices wisely today.

1. Being afraid of change

It is said that changing is human, that only a fool resists positive change. It may be moving, traveling, ending a bad relationship, taking a new job…etc. Being afraid and doing it anyway is the secret that can lead you to very great opportunities.

2. Failing to learn another language

You’ll kick yourself hard when you realize you took three years of high school with all the resources at your disposal and still never took up the time to learn a language. There are so many different cultures, countries, customs and languages to explore. Learning another language won’t just be fun, it will expand your knowledge and give your CV that distinct skill that no one else has.

3. Staying in a bad relationship

Lying to yourself that your abusive partner will one-day change is quite draining. Once you get out, you’ll only wish you had made the decision earlier.

4. Not using sunscreen

The harmful rays of the sun will always have adverse effects on your skin if you don’t apply sunscreen regularly. They expose you to greater chances of developing cancer of the skin and give you wrinkles earlier than usual which could all have been avoided by sun screening.

5. Not traveling when you had the chance

The world is full of exciting places one can visit when they are younger. The older you grow the less hyped you become for travel. Take up a vacation and go make some beautiful memories that you will be happy to remember in your old age.

6. Not exercising

Exercising gives you an easier time with your body in old age. It gives your body the necessary strength and flexibility to make you younger even in your old days. It also helps prevent diseases and ailments that come with age. If the gym isn’t your thing, go for a hike, take a jog, ride your bike or take yoga classes. The effects are all beneficial later in life.

7. Letting society define you

You should not let your gender, race, age, socioeconomic status, religion or anything else hold you back from being who you want to be in life. Don’t live your life based on the definition of others. Create your own lifestyle that does is not in any way defined by the society. Be free!

8. Not listening to your parents’ advice

As much as we always tend to think we are grownups and don’t need any more advice from parents, it is important to note that they have been through much more than we have and that when they try to guide us it is because they love us.

9. Being afraid to say “I love you”

It is better to just put it out there, at least you tried if it doesn’t work out but living with the guilt of knowing that it could have been a great love story is something you definitely don’t want to live with in old age.

10. Working unfavorably to pay bills

As much as the bills need to be paid, if the job that is paying you doesn’t please you should quit and find a better one. Staying will only give you more stress and waste away your life. You will regret when you realize that you had options that you were so pessimistic to take due to insecurity.

11. Being self-absorbed

No one wants to be 70 and lonely, take up the initiative and go out there and create meaningful relationships that will be of benefit in your old age. Avoiding others and being self-centered will only do you more harm than good.

12. Caring too much about what others think

No matter what you do, there will always be someone to criticize you. You don’t want to live your life worried about what people who are doing nothing with their lives think about you.

13. Not standing up for yourself

Do not let someone act superior or make you feel less of a human being by belittling your ideas or opinions. Stand tall for what you believe in and let your opinions be heard. They might take it as a weakness and exploit it.

14. Holding grudges

People will always try to get into your nerves, it is not something that you can control. When you let them to bring you down to their level to start grudges, then you will have lost the war before beginning to fight. Learn to let go, forgive quickly and restore your inner peace, you won’t regret it in old age.

15. Prioritizing others’ dreams before your own

This is a grave mistake that should be common sense to everyone. You can’t sacrifice your dreams so as to help others achieve theirs. Life is not a rehearsal.

16. Working too much

Being hardworking is a good thing. However, know that there are other things that are much more important, like enjoying life and spending time with your loved ones.

17. Not learning how to cook

This is an investment that always pays off greatly. Having some recipes up your sleeve goes a long way in helping you even in your old age when you might be alone.

18. Searching for happiness where you lost it

People come in and out of our lives for different reasons. You can’t go finding happiness in the same place that you lost it. Let go and find happiness somewhere else where you are appreciated for who you are.

19. Failing to finish what you started

As much as you might want to quit, remember the reason as to why you started. This will prevent regrets later in life.

20. Not stopping to appreciate the moment

The world today is so busy doing nothing that we often don’t have time to pause enjoy life. Take time to slow down and appreciate the beauty in each moment. Some moments only come around once, enjoy them while they last.

21. Not spending enough time with loved ones

Nothing beats the power of family unity. You’ll regret being too busy to attend a family events, or to just stop over and say hi. There will be a time when the people you love aren’t around anymore. Don’t waste the chance to make an impact.

22. Never taking risks

Choosing to take a risk could end up changing your life. It is important however to take calculated risks so as to avoid making another regrettable mistake.

23. Worrying too much

Worrying creates non existing problems in your life. There will always be something to worry about, but constantly stressing yourself out can seriously affect your health.

24. Getting caught up in drama

Being involved in drama is not only a waste of time, it drains your energy for no important reason. Steer clear from anyone or any situation that gives out negative energy.

25. Not being grateful

Recognize the amazing people in your life and count your blessings. Even when things are tough, there is always something to be grateful for.

26. Never mastering a hobby

Find something you enjoy doing and go the extra mile by being good at it. You’ll have fun, you will accomplish something unique and you’ll learn something new that might come in handy in old age.

27. Not reading widely

It often seems like reading is impossible with the busy lives we lead. But taking time to read can expand your knowledge, your vocabulary and your mind. Whatever genre you prefer, pick up a book and allow your mind to swim in the deep oceans of knowledge.

28. Not working hard enough in school

While just getting by is often enough to graduate, it is good to challenge yourself to do the best you can. Make your degree something you are truly proud of.

29. Not volunteering enough

Whether you choose to build houses, plant trees or volunteer at a soup kitchen, there is always something you can do to make the world a better place by volunteering. You don’t get the chance to do so in old age.

30. Not Saving

When you are old and with no job, your savings will come in handy so it is wise to start saving early.

Life is not a rehearsal and it is never too late to start.

Source: David Wolfe