3 Worst Types Of Breakfasts You Should Avoid


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast prepares the body for strenuous hours that await us in the day.

If you want to start the day with a delicious and healthy food, and give your body enough energy, then avoid these three types of breakfast.

1. Fruit juices and yogurt

Although these products’ labels say they are 100% natural, supermarket bought fruit juices are packed with sugar and additives. These types of drinks will give you instant energy, which will be gone after short period of time. These juices also have little nutritional value.

Therefore, choose a fruit juice that you have prepared yourself. These juices contain fibers that are required for regulation of whole digestion system.

The same things we said about supermarket bought juices goes for fruit yogurt as well. So it is better to choose unsweetened probiotic with a piece of toast and jam.

2.Bakery goods

Cookies, donuts and delicious rolls of dough, which you can buy from bakers, are very tasty and saturated, but these products also often contain large amounts of additives, salt and sugar that are not exactly the best combination for the start of the day.

Salty biscuits retain water in the body, and puff pastry dough is very greasy. It is also hard boiled and has poor nutritional value which is not enough for your body’s normal functioning.

If you want to eat a salty bun in the morning for breakfast, it is better to select integrated grains that you can spice with milk-based sour cream or marmalade.

3. Hard to digest breakfast

This means fatty foods which is hard to digest and high in calories, such as eggs in combination with bacon, white bread or fatty salami spices with mayo or something similar. Unless you work hard physical work, you do not really need this kind of breakfast.

Large amounts of unhealthy fats are ending up in form of fatty tissue and your body will not get all the necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber. If you want to eat eggs in the morning, it is best to boil them and eat them in combination with a piece of toast and tea.


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