3 Tricks To Help You Buy The Perfect Watermelon!

It is not that hard to pick the perfect watermelon.

Markets and supermarkets are already filled with watermelons. But, this fruit is pretty much like present because you never know what you will get under the green bark. Anyway, if you follow these practical tricks you will always choose the right, ripe and juicy watermelon.

1. First you need to give the watermelon a good look for external cracks can affect the inside, which is by no means good, especially in summer days. This is why you should avoid watermelons with cracks. Ripe melon should have a dark green color.

2. Lift the watermelon. If ripe, it should be heavy for its size. 92% of watermelon is water. Unripe watermelon is easy for its weight because there is no sufficient quantity of water.

3. Look around and find the side where the watermelon was lying on the ground. Each watermelon has this side and it should have beige-yellow color. If the side where the watermelon was lying on the ground is white or has a light green color, it means that you are holding unripe watermelon.


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