3 Reasons Because Of Which Fasting Suits Health

Fasting means discharging all fatty foods of animal origin from the diet and only foods of plant origin are consumed.

Nutritionists explain how fasting affects our organism:

1.Fasting as detoxification to the organism

Fasting is beneficial because reduced intake of foods allows the purification of the organism from the toxic entered by consuming different kinds of foods. The body needs rest from foods that are rich in fats, which are often present in our intestines.

2.Fasting is great for the skin

Fasting or abstinence from consumption of fatty foods cleans the body and spirit and it is really so. During fasting, the skin becomes cleaner, nicer and brighter. During fasting it may come to relieve of allergies in people who are struggling with this health problem.

3.Fasting gives us vitality

After the first phase of fasting, which could be called the detoxification of body fat when food is replaced by lean, the next phase is vitality and all those goods that lean foods carry with themselves.


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