3 Of The Strongest Antibiotics For Which You Do Not Need Prescription

Thousands of years ago fruits of nature were used for health care and treatment of various diseases. Many drugs of modern medicine are based precisely on the roots, flowers, leaves, fruits and minerals found in nature.

If you want to overcome the disease you are dealing with and strengthen the immune system naturally, you should look for the three strongest antibiotics for which you do not need a prescription.

Chili peppers

Cayenne peppers, also known as chili, hot or red pepper, are an important part of Asian history as a culinary and traditional medicine.

This spice has a pungent, but with discreet taste. It can be combined with many dishes and desserts and it is commonly used dried or in powder form.

These peppers’ have a variety of powerful properties. In ayurvedic and Chinese medicine cayenne peppers are valued as great analgesic painkillers that also possess effective anti antibacterial properties.

Dosage: Consume ½ a teaspoon a day, as a meal addition.

Oregano oil

This oil is obtained from the leaves of the herb oregano. Its fragrance and aroma perfectly combine with numerous dishes. Based on many studies, oregano oil is very powerful fighter when it comes to fighting infections. This oil has these great properties due to the ingredient called carvacrol.

A very small dose of this oil possesses amazing antibacterial properties against even 25 different types of bacteria.

Dosage: Drink 1 to 4 drops of oregano oil dissolved in a cup of tea or a glass of juice. You should repeat the procedure three times a day.


Garlic is the king of vegetables. It is added in a number of dishes and salads. Its strong flavor and scent makes this vegetable perfect spice. Garlic has many powerful properties. It is a strong natural antibiotic which does not destroy our healthy bacteria, unlike chemical antibiotics purchased at the drugstore.

Garlic has a strong antibacterial effect and can successfully treat fungi and viruses. This makes garlic very effective remedy against flu and colds.

Dosage: You “need to” eat 2 to 4 garlic bulbs a day, preferably as an addition to dishes or salads. Those who do not mind this vegetable’s intense smell can consume it raw.


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