2-Ingredients Natural Recipe For A Shiny Toilet – No Scrubbing Needed

It’s Saturday and time to do those house chores, but wait a minute you don’t have a commercial toilet cleaner.

That’s not a problem; you can now clean your filthy toilets and bring back to their original shiny and sparkling look with simple household ingredients that are just sitting idly on your kitchen cabinet shelf.

Let’s go to your kitchen and see what we can use to clean your toilet and save you the time and money you would have spent dashing to your local store to get your regular toilet cleaner.

1. Baking Soda works like magic!

  • Just get half a box of your regular baking soda and pour it into your filthy toilet bowl.
  • It’s preferable you leave it overnight, so you actually should have thought about this on Friday, anyway allow the baking soda do its work overnight.
  • So now its morning, Sunday morning that is, you can now flush the toilet, flush several times till all the baking soda is flushed down the drain pipe.
  • Use your toilet brush to scrub off any grime that may still be lurking around the toilet bowl.
  • Bingo! You now have a sparkling white toilet.

2. Baking Soda and Vinegar combo!

For a total disinfectant toilet cleaner you will have to combine your baking soda with vinegar.

While baking soda removes stubborn stains it does not kill germs.

Vinegar on the other hand will kill bacteria and germs as it is a mold acid.

It will also neutralize all those turd odors and it is natural and has no side effect, perfectly harmless!

  • Just get half a cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar.
  • Have your vinegar out in the toilet bowl and allow to settle for about 30 minutes.
  • Next take your toilet brush and pour some vinegar on it.
  • Then once the 30 minutes is expired, put some baking soda on your toilet brush and scrub the toilet bowl.
  • Add more baking soda if needed until you have used all the measured baking soda.
  • You are now done scrubbing and your toilet will be clean and sparkling, oh! and germ free.

Source/ Reference: www.mrhealthylife.com
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