2-Ingredient Mixture to Effectively Eliminate Earwax and Ear Infections

When it comes to clearing out your earwax, cotton swabs are the first things that cross your mind. Well unfortunately, cotton swabs can often turn out to do the reverse; pushing the ear wax than pulling them out instead. Also, sometimes, pushing it further hard can give a nasty jolt in your eardrums, as the stick on which the swab is wound can poke your eardrums causing you a seething pain. Hence, cotton swabs are old school and may not be a cleaner and safer way to remove the ear cerumen.

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There are numerous alternative ear cleaning products available in the pharmacies and markets. While you can try using them, we suggest that you try using a natural remedy instead, which has shown incredible results and proved its benefits to many people, in quickly healing and eliminating ear infections.

A Natural Remedy

This natural solution contains a mixture of rubbing alcohol with white vinegar. Vinegar, as such is known for its diverse range of medicinal properties and one of the effective uses of vinegar can be seen here too.

Rubbing alcohol is responsible to destroy up to 85% of aerobic bacteria, and is a remarkable cleaner and disinfectant.  White vinegar, on the other hand has strong antimicrobial and antibiotic properties, which can effectively treat infections.

The mixture of these two ingredients when applied to the ear not only allows treating the infection and dissolve earwax, but also keeps the ear canals dry and healthy.

Also, it is much better than using those annoying and hurtful cotton swabs which often do more harm than good, by further pushing the wax deeper into the ear cavity rather than getting them out instead.

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Preparing the Mixture

This is how to prepare and use this remarkable homemade recipe:

Rubbing alcohol and white vinegar are mixed in a ratio of 1:1. Pour 5 milliliters of this mixture (a teaspoon) into your ear and tilt your head to the opposite side.  Hold on for 2 minutes and then sit back up in order to allow the mixture to drain from the ear.  Repeat the same with the other ear.

How to Use Effectively:

For effective results, consider repeating this treatment twice a day to prevent or treat ear infections, and to clean your ears from earwax and trapped water.

An important thing to note is that this treatment is useful in cases of mild to moderate earwax build up or ear infections.  In case the situation is more complicated, it is advisable to consult your doctor immediately.

You must also consider visiting your doctor if you find no improvements after several days off using this mixture.  You may also consider taking a pain relief in case of a perforated ear drum

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