13 Sings You Do Not Drink Enough Water

There are many benefits because of which you should be well hydrated, but is often difficult to tell when it is enough.

It seems a lot, but some of the water we receive through the food, which is why you should not panic if you do not literally drink the needed amount.

In addition we present 14 signs showing that you do not drink enough water throughout the day.

1.Dry mouth

Dehydration has a major impact on dry mouth. If you need to constantly apply lip balm, think about how much fluid you entered in the organism during the day. So try to solve the problem, not just delay it.

2.Dry skin

Dry skin is a sign that you do not get enough water. One of the main reasons you have dry skin is being dehydrated. When you do not drink enough water, your body can not sweat as needed. Consequently, the body can become full of dirt and grease.

3.You are constantly very thirsty

If you constantly feel the need for water, it is a sign that you are already dehydrated. Drink plenty of water. Whenever you feel thirst immediately take and drink water, never neglect the needs of the body.

4.Dry eyes

Having problems with dry eyes? The solution is drinking plenty of water! Dry eyes are a sign that your body needs hydration.

5.Yellow urine

When you have yellow urine it is time to drink water. The urine of people who drink enough water is clear, and yellow indicates that the urine is filled with enough waste.

6.Joint pains

Did you know that your vertebral discs are consisted of 80% water? This is why you need to drink enough water is you want your joints to function normally.

7.You feel fatigue

If you feel tired during the day, do not forget to drink water. Consuming drinks that contain caffeine will not keep you awake, even if you think so. Also, drinking a cup of warm water in the morning will “wake up” the digestive system and liver.


The body always loses fluids. The brain is sensitive to these changes and therefore headaches occur. The more dehydrated you are, the pain is a stronger. The more fluid you lose the more blood volume decreases and then little oxygen reaches the brain, blood vessels dilate and headache becomes unbearable.

9.You easily lose concentration

This is very close to the feeling of fatigue. Loss of concentration is another indicator that you are dehydrated. It is only 11 a.m. and you no longer have concentration? You should read the same paragraph four times to actually understand what the author wanted to say? In that case, it is not bad to take a bottle of water and drink it slowly.


We receive a certain percentage of water when we enter food into our organism. If you notice that you reach for more food, it is perhaps because in fact your body needs fluids. That does not mean you need water every time you “snacks something”, but just in case keep a glass of water near you.


Yes, exactly, skin wrinkles and premature aging are signs that you do not drink enough water. As we age, our body has less water, which means you should take care when it comes to consuming more fluids among other things, in order for our skin to stay smooth as long as possible.


Water facilitates the flow of materials through the intestines and their eviction from your body, so if you do not drink enough water you will not have regular stool.

13.Bad digestion

Often poor digestion problems are related to lack of fiber intake or green food, but water also plays a major role!

Drink water more frequently throughout the day and you will certainly notice improvement in your overall health condition.


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