12 Plants That Create Positive Energy In Your Home!

Plants add aesthetic value and beauty to your homes. But instead of buying plastic plants that cannot give any fragrance to your home, it is better to buy organic plants that will give their fragrance as well as fresh oxygen to your home or office complex.

The fresh oxygen and soothing fragrance will help you to relax and this will greatly improve your quality of sleep.

Here are 12 Plants you should consider having in your home or office today:

1. The Jasmine Plant

This plant will give your home a sweet smelling fragrance that will uplift moods and spirits. It gives a soothing and relaxing feeling that cannot be rivalled.

2. The Peace Lily Plant

This plant is known to neutralize harmful gases and therefore reduce the toxicity in your home. It grows in a shaded area and can be conveniently placed in a corner of your home or office.

3. The Orchid Plant

At night these plants will release oxygen and this fresh oxygen will help you to sleep well. Its fragrance will also boost the positive mood in your home.

4. The Lucky bamboo

You can put this plant in a bowl of an inch of purified water and away from direct sunlight. It is easy to maintain and is believed by ancient Chinese Feng Shui system that it’s vertical shape is representative of our vitality and life energy.

5. The Holy Basil Plant

This plant is known to emit oxygen for about 20 hours daily, therefore giving you a fresh supply always. It will purify the air in your home by absorbing harmful toxins in the air. The plant loves sunlight so ensure it gets plenty of it.

6. The Rosemary Plant

This plant does not require too much water. It has a lively fragrance that will help liven up your home while at the same time freeing it from toxins.

7. The Golden Pothos Or Money Plant

This plant goes by many names apart from the two highlighted it us also known as;

  • Hunters robe
  • Silver vine
  • Ivy arum

This plant is known to grow as a climber or trailer, you should leave it in a corner for it to relieve you from stress and even negative thoughts.

8. The Chrysanthemum Plant

If you are looking for a plant to improve your mood and help you fight stress and anxiety, then look no further than this plant.

9. The Areca Palm Plant

This plant will purify the air in your home, making you to breathe well and improving your mood in the process.

10. Sage Plant

It will leave a positive energy in your home and clean up the air of pollutants while giving you fresh oxygen in return.it surely will improve your health.

11. English Ivy Plant

Beautify your home with English Ivy. It will also filter out the air of harmful toxins while giving you fresh air and a stress free atmosphere in your home.

12. The Aloe Vera Plant

Water this plant regularly, but ensure that your flower pot has good drainage as the plant does not like in situ water. Aloe vera will bring a flow of positive energy in your home, its leaves help to absorb impurities and toxins in the air as well.

Source: www.weeklyhealthylife.com