11 Types of Food That Resemble Body Organs They Treat


Some of you may know and some of you may not know that some fruits and vegetables have very similar looks to the organs they heal best. For example, walnut looks like our brain and grain of bean is similar to kidneys’ looks. Read this article and notice the unbelievable connections between nature and the human body.

The tomato has red color just like our heart. This is not the only similar thing between these two. They both have four chambers. Studies have showed that tomato is extremely good for heart’s health because it is very rich in potassium and iron.

Walnut, for example, resembles the brain. They both have very similar folds and right and left hemisphere. It is well known that walnut is great for our brain because it creates transmitters which help the brain’s functions.

Celery, on the other hand, resembles our bones. Both celery and bones have the exact amount of sodium -- 23%. Celery’s compounds supplement our skeleton’s needs.

Avocado is highly beneficial when it comes to treating uterus and ovaries. And yes, it looks very similar to the uterus. If you eat one avocado a week you will be able to reduce the risk of getting cervical and ovarian cancer. Avocado is also beneficial when it comes to hormonal balance in the organism.

Sweet potato is beneficial for balancing blood sugar levels, which is actually pancreas’ job. Since sweet potato is helping the pancreas, and considering this article’s content, it is very likely for their looks to be similar, and they are.

If you want to improve your sight, eat lots of carrots. They help the sight because they are capable to increase blood flow throughout the organism. If you cut one slice of carrot you will be able to notice that the looks of the carrot-roll is almost exactly the same as the human’s eye.

Citrus-like fruits, including grapefruit, look like woman’s breast. Grapefruit helps in moving lymph glances throughout the breast. This way it reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Ginger has the ability to successfully treat gastric upsets and swelling. Since these conditions occur in the stomach, and ginger helps in treating them, you guessed it -- ginger and stomach have similar looks.

If you moderately drink red wine you will be able to reduce the risk of getting stroke and heart attack. Red wine can also prevent blood clots in any part of the body. Since it helps in variety of blood-related conditions, it is not a surprise that wine’s color is very similar to the color of the blood.

Clams resemble testicles. The fact that clams are very beneficial for the health of the male reproductive organs has been proven in countless researches.

If you cut Agaricuscampestris mushroom in half you will certainly notice that it looks like a human’s ear. Mushrooms belong in the rare types of foods rich in vitamin D. Because of this vitamin, they are able to improve hearing. This is very important vitamin when it comes to hearing and its improvement.

Source: Healthy Food House


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