10 Toxic Foods That Should Never Cross Your Lips (Cancer Causing)

You should beware of foods that are not naturally occurring but have instead been put through various processes of production and included with several additives that are carcinogenic in their composition and nature.

These foods will unbalance your pH levels and leave your body more acidic and a thriving ground for the development of cancerous cells and tumors.

Some of these food include the following 10;

1. Refined Sugar

You should avoid refined sugar as it puts stress on the nervous system, liver, pancreas and digestive system. It also causes obesity and diabetes. You can go for naturally occurring sweeteners like pure honey or the sugar from fruits.

2. White Flour

This can affect your insulin levels to the point that your body stores up fat as a reaction leading to obesity. It also puts a lot of strain on the pancreas. Processed flour gets rid of the nutritional aspect of the flour like its fibers. The processing and not the grains is the real issue to avoid this.

3. Full Cream Milk

We become less lactose tolerant the older we become and this leads to food intolerance and bloating. Our bodies become more acidic and we are more likely to have inflammatory ailments like arthritis.

Drink the milk of nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables such as almonds, coconut and rice; they are healthier.

4. Harmful Fast food

Full of saturated fats and sodium it can quickly lead to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. There is also a huge risk of high blood pressure when you eat fast food, so stop chowing on burgers.

5. Avoid Processed meat

Processed meat is full of sodium and nitrates which increase the acidity of your body and make your prone to the development of cancerous cells.

They also cause obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure and according to the American Institute for Cancer Research, consumption of processed meat will increase the risk of colon cancer. The nitrates are transformed into nitrites once ingested and digested and then forms nitrosamines which are chemicals that cause cancer.

6. Your Tasty Doughnuts

Doughnuts comprises of refined sugar, white flour and trans-fat which are all harmful ingredients. Eating doughnuts will increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

7. Crunchy Potato crisps

Deep fried foods form acrylamide and this is a known carcinogen. It is believed by scientists such as Dale Hattis, a research professor at Clark University in Massachusetts, that this compound is responsible for a large number of cancer related cases in America annually.

Crisps are also high in salt which can raise blood pressure and cause stroke and heart attack.

8. Drinking Sodas Is Unhealthy

The Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention suggest that you are at risk of pancreatic cancer if you drink just two bottles of your favourite soda per week.

It is believed that there are 10 teaspoons of refined sugar in a single bottle of soda, with about 30 to 55 mg of caffeine, sulphites and manufactured sustenance hues.

It is also believed that pop has corrosive components that can wear out the bones. It also causes obesity and an increased risk of diabetes.

9. Margarine Has High Amounts Of Processed Fat

Margarine may also have trans-fats which the body cannot digest and absorb. This increases the body’s cholesterol levels and can cause damage to the blood vessels. Processed food cause the liver to work extra hard and this is detrimental to it.

10. Eating Canned Soup Is Harmful

Your favourite canned food is high in sodium and it is known that some canned soups have as much as 890 milligrams of sodium which ideally is almost your daily requirement.

Sodium retains fluid in the body and this can put significant strain on the heart which can lead to heart attack and high blood pressure.

Source: www.healthtipsportal.com