10 Signs Your Body IMMEDIATELY Needs More Water That People CONSTANTLY Miss

Your body consists primarily of water. As a matter of fact your blood comprises of 83% water, while your kidneys and muscles are made up of 73% water.

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Your brain consists of 76% water and your lungs are 90% water. So essentially we are basically made up of water.

When you urinate and sweat you lose water. You also lose water when you breathe as well so you will need to replace the water as your body desperately needs it.

Basically we are informed to drink an average of 6-8 glasses of clean drinking water daily.

When this recommended daily intake of water is not adhered yo then it is likely that the following 10 symptoms will manifest themselves.

1. Having Dark Yellow Urine

When you are drinking less than the required daily water intake then you are likely to have dark yellow urine.

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This is because your kidneys will be forced to excrete a higher amount of waste product and this includes: proteins, toxins and dead blood cells and so you will experience a darker coloured urine.

Darker urine can also occur when you are on certain medications also after consuming blackberries, beets, food colouring, asparagus and B-vitamins.

All you need to do is increase your water intake and carefully observe to see if there is an improvement in your urine colour, if not then it could be a sign of more serious health conditions such as gallstones and hepatitis.

2. When You Urinate Less

Urinating 6-7 times daily is normal. If you do not drink sufficient amounts of water then you will urinate less as there is not enough water to replace the fluids excreted in the day.

While your kidneys will retain as much fluid as possible in order to prevent dehydration, you wil still need to replenish the water in your body by drinking the required daily quantity.

3. Insufficient Water Consumption Causes Constipation

You are more likely to experience constipation when you drink less amounts of water.

The water helps to soften your stool and allows it to pass through your intestinal tract easier so that you can relieve yourself with less difficulty.

You could also be prone to constipation when you have a sedentary lifestyle. It could also be caused by intestinal inflammation, dysbiosis and hypothyroidism.

Food sensitivity and anxiety or stress can also contribute to constipation. So if you are drinking sufficient amounts of water daily then you may have to consider the possibility of other causes being responsible.

4. Dehydration Causes Your Skin To Be Dry And For You To Have More Wrinkles

Drinking lots of water will naturally moisturise your skin and keep it looking soft and supple.

So rather than spend a lot of money on moisturizers try increasing your water intake and notice the difference in your appearance.

5. It Causes Hunger and Increases Your Chances Of Weight Gain

Your body at times finds it hard to differentiate between hunger and thirst.

Your brain consists of the hypothalamus, which is that portion of your brain that helps in regulating hunger and thirst.

This part of your brain will often find it difficult to differentiate between thirst and hunger leaving you with hunger cravings when in actual fact what you really need is water.

This causes you to eat more than necessary leading to weight gain. Drink sufficient amounts of water if you desire to lose weight. If you are feeling hungry, try drinking water then wait for about 15 minutes before eating, if you still feel hungry then you are hungry, if not then you are just thirsty.

6. Feeling Thirsty and Having A Dry Mouth

When your mouth is dry and you are thirsty then you are most likely experiencing mild dehydration.

Your dry mouth simply implies that the mucus membranes in your mouth needs hydration. Just drink sufficient amounts of water to resolve this.

7. Having Persistent Headaches

Your brain consists of 76% water, so when you don’t drink enough water your body will react by reabsorbing water from all your tissues including your brain tissues in order to make up for the lack of sufficient fluids.

This causes a drop in the oxygen in your brain causing headaches and light-headedness because of a decrease in your blood level.

8. It Causes Fatigue

To avoid feeling tired all the time, you will need to up your water intake this will help to revitalize your cells and tissues.

Your blood level reduces when you drink less water and hence the oxygen supplied to your organs by your heart which has to work even harder.

9. You Will Feel Joint Pains

The water you drink helps to lubricate your joints.

If you drink less than sufficient amounts of water then you are more than likely to have joint pains because your bones will have a more direct contact with each other.

So drink lots of water to avoid joint pains.

10. Dehydration Weakens Your Immune System

You are more than likely to have an increase in your blood toxicity when you drink less than sufficient water everyday.

This is because the water you drink helps to rid your body of harmful toxins which are excreted.

When the toxins in your blood are in high amounts then your immune system is in danger of rapidly depreciating.

So remember that your body comprises of mainly water and this water needs to be replenished. You have to drink sufficient amounts of water daily in order to curb these 10 symptoms.

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