10 Reasons To Love Cherries

Cherries improve appetite, strengthen the blood vessels and help us to flush out toxins from our body.

10 Reasons To Love CherriesDoctors of e Middle East appreciate cherries because they are easy food for the body (the body absorbs them very well).

What are the exact reasons to love them?

  1. Cherries are rich in vitamin A, vitamins C and E, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. They easily activate the metabolism, improve appetite and the brain functions and provide a general effect of strengthening the body.
  2. Thanks to biologically active compounds, coumarins, they also normalize blood coagulation.
  3. Cherries with dark red color contain many carotenoids and anthocyanins -- flavonoids, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Cherries are also considered good against bruises and high pressure.
  4. Because they are rich in iron, they can help in the fight against anemia.
  5. This fruit is useful for arthritis, rheumatism and diseases of the joints. This is due to the fact that cherries contain salicylic acid that also has analgesic effect.
  6. The cherries have a lot of fiber, which helps to purify intestines of bacteria. It improves digestion and it is effective in constipation.
  7. Help with cough, make expectoration easier. For this purpose, it is better cherries to be taken in the form of homemade syrup (sugar free!) .Drink the syrup warm.
  8. Fully grown cherries contain more carbohydrates than sour cherries. They are rich in fructose, which slowly decomposes in the blood and it is especially easy for the pancreas. This makes them useful for diabetics.
  9. Cherries are recommended for people with heart disease because they lack complement of potassium, which is necessary for normal heart function. Cherries activate the work of the kidneys and liver.
  10. Have a positive impact on the skin (helps with eczema, psoriasis). Cherry mask removes dead skin cells, cleans and opens the pores. Sour cherries suit the oily type skin.

10 Reasons To Love Cherries


Cherry juice is good for constipation, anemia and disorders of the digestive system. When such problems occur, you should drink half a cup of cherry juice several times a day. In agony and intestinal colitis is good to drink one tablespoon of the juice three times a day.

Cherries should be eaten in small portions (about 300 g) several times a day.

Cherries should be avoided only by those who suffer from impaired function of the intestine.


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