10 Reasons To Have A Himalayan Salt Lamp In Every Room Of Your Home

Out of all things on earth, did you ever believe that salt can light up your home? Well, Himalaya is full of surprises for the seeker, and from there comes a legacy that can not only change the status of your sacred space, but also light up your home in a ‘natural way’.

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp -- A Holistic Healing Alternative

The Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp is essentially a layer of salt designed in the form of a lamp with a lamp source inside. Not only does it adds to the aesthetics of your room, but also comes with incredible medicinal properties. Consider it as your next gen holistic healing alternative.

How does it work?

A hygroscopic salt, the Himalayan Pink Salt essentially works by absorbing the positive ions along with the moisture onto its surface. A low wattage bulb at the centre then gradually heats up the layers of the salt, evaporating the moisture and sending clean water back to the atmosphere.

Its function is analogous to a filter candle in water filter, which absorbs the impurities from the water and delivers clean water at the outlet. The Himalayan Pink Salt absorbs the impurities from the moisture and returns clean air to the atmosphere.

How our gadget-lifestyle is affecting our body?

Today’s generation is so dependent on the gadgets that survival without them seems trivial. Be it workplace or home, a gadget in hand is like a part of the body. An average teenager spends more than 18 hours a day in front of a computer screen, with or without a choice, exposing them to very high levels of electromagnetic radiation everyday that are leading to serious health problems. There is reduction in the energy levels, increased temperament and aggressiveness, anxiety, depression and alarming rate of cardiac and mental defects. The Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp is a little addition to your ‘non-changeable’ lifestyle, which can help you mitigate the effects to a great extent.

Benefits of the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

The Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp comes with unbelievable health and environmental benefits. Its hygroscopic properties have been put to the best use by allowing it to reduce the harmful effects due to ‘positive ions’ emitted from various natural and artificial sources, such as electronic devices, mobiles, laptops and electrical equipment. Let’s take a look at how the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp changes the way you live your routine lives.


1. Boosts your energy levels

The Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp is an instant energy booster. By absorbing the positive ions in the surrounding, it prevents over-exposure to positive ions that suck the energy out of your body. (Yes! That’s why you feel tired and dizzy all the time)

2.Neutralize the Electromagnetic Radiation

As the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp absorbs the positive ions in the atmosphere, it neutralizes them by reacting with such ions and holds them back on its surface. Once reacted, only clean air evaporates from the salt surface, filling up your room with clean energy levels. Keep it near an electronic device such as the laptops or TVs and control the levels of the EM radiation surrounding you.

3.Kills Asthma

We all know how painful Asthma is; add to it the ‘blocked cilia’ or a blocked windpipe that happens due to breathing increased levels of positive ions and the effects can be disastrous. The hygroscopic effects of the Himalayan Salt helps to reduce the positive ions you breathe, thereby, freeing your tracheal muscles for improved breathing.

4.Reduces the allergic effects

One of the major factors of environmental pollution is the pollen particles in the air. What we do not know is that even these are ‘positively charged’. Now you know why they can be allergic. Since the pollen grains too are charged particles, they cling to the reactive and hygroscopic surface of the Himalayan Salt, thus drastically reducing the allergic effects.

5.Environment friendly light source

Who does not like to keep a positive aura within their living space? But, it definitely does not happen with the positive ions in the atmosphere. The Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp not only comes with enormous health benefits, but also forms a stylish and environmental friendly light source. Light it up in your prayer room to create your very own ‘enlightened space’. 

6.Natural Air Cleansing Agent

The hygroscopic properties of Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp not only help in reducing positive ions and pollens, but also significantly capture the dust, dirt, odour and micro-pollutants in the moisture of the air. It thus acts as a natural air cleansing agent, providing neutral particle-free air to your lungs.

7.Good night, sleep tight

Prolong exposures to EM radiation have another alarming effect on today’s generation- lack of sleep. The tendency to remain ‘awake’ happens mainly due to constant close contact with your devices that are stuffing enormous positive ions into your body- without your knowledge at all. This can cause to keep awake – even if your eyes are getting drowsy with sleep. This can lead to increased blood pressure and heart rate levels, and many such problems that are often overlooked. The Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp considerably reduces the levels of EM radiations, helping you to get a good night sleep thereby rejuvenating your body and relaxing your mind.

8.Keeps you cheerful

Have you feel a slight twitch in your muscles when you got up from that office table after long working hours on the desktop? It is happening because of your tense nerve muscles and constant bombardment of your eyes with the EM radiation. That directly impacts the nervous system causing disorientation and mood swings. With reduced levels of radiation in your workspace and in your life, you can get back your usual cheerful self in a natural way.

9.Cut down on those seasonal disorders

Change of seasons usually affects many people. With the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp by your bed-side, you can create a natural warm and cosy space in your room for natural temperature effects that can help you keep away those seasonal disorders.

10.Get Rid of that annoying Static Charge Effect

Static charges can be annoying, often during winters when your body gets supercharged with the woollens. While they might get your body warmed up, you definitely do not enjoy those uninvited sparks while touching metal objects, shaking hands, and  kissing your loved one a good bye while going to the office. The Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp absorbs the static charges in the air and helps you keep away those pesky shocks that can you off the hooks.

Simply put, Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp works as a complete Holistic Healing Alternative within your existing home or work environment by directly targeting the causes of the health problems – the positive ions. By reducing the positive ions and EM radiation from various sources, it restores the natural order of an eco-system thereby allowing natural flow of energy within them, reviving your health and happiness.

Source: naturallivingideas.com


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