10 Ingredients That Can Replace 2 Glasses of Water A Day

The golden rule for maintaining good health is drinking eight glasses of water per day, which seems impossible to some people. But do you know that you can replace 20% of the daily intake of water with food, fruits and vegetables which contain 90% of water in their composition?

1. Celery leaves

Water consistency – 95.4%

Celery contains few calories. Its fiber and water help in control appetite. This vegetable also contains folates and vitamins A, C and K. Thanks to celery’s high water consistency, it neutralizes stomach acids.

2. Cucumber

Water consistency –96.7%

Cucumber is a vegetable which has the highest water consistency of all the vegetables. It is a great addition to salads and meals. If you want to increase cucumber’s hydration, mix it with fat-free yoghurt and mint.

3. Lettuce

Water consistency – 95.5%

Nutritionists often avoid lettuce in diets because of its poor nutrient value. But when it comes to water consistency, lettuce is the right choice for you. Consume it in a form of salad.

4. Tomato

Water consistency – 94.5%

Tomatoes, combined with cheese, are a great choice of snack. Thanks to their high water consistency, tomatoes almost instantly hydrate the body.

5. Spinach

Water consistency – 91.4%

Spinach is rich in fiber, folic acid, lutein and potassium. All these compounds act refreshing to the brain. Spinach also contains vitamin E – an antioxidant which plays a very important role in fighting free radicals. This is why you should always add spinach leaves to salads.

6. Broccoli

Water consistency – 90.7%

Broccoli has an abundance of fiber, potassium, vitamins A and C, and other ingredients that improve the body’s natural enzymes and get rid of harmful chemicals. This vegetable is often called detox-miracle.

7. Green peppers

Water consistency – 93.9%

Peppers are a great snack before dinner, or anytime of the day for that matter. They also have a high amount of water in their composition, which make them a great hydration food.

8. Cauliflower

Water consistency – 92.1%

Besides the fact that cauliflower has an abundance of water, it also consists of vitamins and phytonutrients that have cholesterol-decreasing abilities. The best way to consume cauliflower is in salads or raw.

9. Grapefruit

Water consistency – 90.5%

Grapefruit helps in lowering cholesterol. Research has shown that eating one grapefruit a day can lower bad cholesterol levels by 15%. This fruit also burns fat and regulates blood sugar levels.

10. Young carrots

Water consistency – 90.4%

Young carrots contain twice the amount of water than fully grown carrots. Nutritionists recommend eating young carrots during the day in order to reduce the need for unhealthy snacks.


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