10 Industrial Uses For Coke Which Prove It’s Not Fit For Human Consumption

Don’t get confused, this article is not talking about narcotics but your ever present tasty beverage Coca-Cola. At this point you may be saying to yourself – “no man! You must be crazy!!”

Well before you think I am crazy why don’t you check out some of these startling finds by researchers about your favorite beverage.

Startling finds about Coca-Cola

  • Coca-Cola prides itself as an environmentally friendly company, however it has been discovered that it is far from being this as it has been known to be directly responsible for pollution in the world and for water shortages as well.
  • Coca-Cola has an acidity that is so high that it is even a point higher than battery acid. On a PH scale of 0 to 7 means acidic while from 7 to 14 means alkaline, battery acid has a PH level of 1 while Coca-Cola has a PH level as low as 2.5.
  • Now this article is not meant to throw Coca-Cola under the bus, but to enlighten you the reader. Don’t think other soft drinks are cool as well as they (soft drinks) have been linked to respiratory disorders such as COPD and asthma.
  • Also researchers have found that people who drink one or more soft drinks a day have a 48% increased risk of developing a stroke or having a heart attack.

Now let’s take a look at 10 Industrial uses of Coke

So now you might be thinking about cutting down on your soft drink intake and probably some of you might in the extreme be considering disposing of those bottles and cans of sodas in your home. Hold up a minute and take a look at this list of industrial uses you could put that can or bottle of Coke to use for.

While I personally don’t advise that you continue consuming Coke, you could however use this beverage as an excellent domestic cleaner, let’s check out 10 of its uses below.

1.Coke can bring pennies back to their original luster; just soak your old pennies in Coke and watch them come back to life.

2.Coke is great for cleaning your toilet, just pour around the toilet bowl, and leave for a few minutes and then flush, you will be amazed with the result.
3.Give your car chrome a great shine with Coke and aluminum foil.

4.It can help remove blood stains from your clothing, bedding and fabrics.
5.Coke is great for removing burnt stains from pans, just soak the pan Coke after which you rinse and see the great results.
6.Use Coke to remove stains from your china ware.
7.You can strip paint off metal furniture all you have to do is soak a towel in Coke and put it on the paint surface the paint will be weakened and easy to remove afterwards.

8.Get your car engines clean using Coke as an effective cleaner.

9.Get those stubborn oil stains from your garage floor, just soak the stain with Coke and you wash off using water from a hose.
10.To remove rust from metal surfaces, just uses a sponge, fabric or aluminum foil dipped in Coke to wipe off the rust.



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