10 Early Symptoms Of Alzheimer’s Disease!

This degenerative disorder destroys neurons and connections in the cerebral cortex causing loss of brain mass. During the progression of this disease there is a gradual and irreversible memory loss, speech ability, awareness of space and time and at some people there are cases where they cannot take care of themselves.

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In case of the disease it is very important recognizing the problem on time and know when is the right time to go and see a doctor. What kind of symptoms are declared as first alarm?

Memory loss – One of the most common symptoms especially manifest in forgetting the recent obtained informations. This may lead to forgetting important dates, often nagging about same informations and constant need for help.

Challenges in planning and problem solution – Some people may notice changes in the ability to develop and follow a plan. This leads to difficulties in the normal function in daily life such as forgetting important commitments. In addition, the concentration is reduced and it is very difficult to come to a solution.

Familiar tasks become problem – If you played “Risk” and you’ve always won, now in the present the you find yourself in a situation where you do not remember the rules, the time has come to go and visit your personal doctor.

Disorientation in time and space – Alzheimer’s disease can also lead to a reduced ability to determine the time even the time of the present day. Special warning is if you feel confused around some situations that already occurred.

Poor eyesight – Problems with the sense of vision in some people may be the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Difficulties in reading and weaken orientation.

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Problems in speech and writing – While you speak you suddenly forgot the point of speaking the sentence and often you cannot remember certain words. Go visit your doctor.

Absent- mindlessness – To all of us sometimes happens for some unknown reason to put the remote control in the fridge and spend the next hour looking for it in places where it makes sense to be located. If this kind of cases are very common there is reason for care.

Bad evaluation – Some of the first symptoms are lack of hygiene and poor handling in money.

Change in mood – Alzheimer’s affects mood and personality changes in patients. There confusion, suspiciousness, depression, fear and anxiety. Frequent changes in mood, at work and in the home environment. 

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